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Technologies have changed many things during my career as a Vancouver Realtor. In 2007 when this blog started technology meant that most of us were tied to our desktop computer. Many people had laptop computers but those machines did not demand display adaptation associated with our current mobile world.

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In what now seems like the era of dinosaurs I used to cobble together Contracts of Purchase and Sale using carbon sheets inserted between sheets of paper so that all parties to the agreement would have a copy of that agreement. I thought that was fast quality service.

In truth, carbon sheets were messy, wasteful and even with the greatest care would because of a crinkle, eliminate an important detail in the agreement which invariably meant you would have to repeat your hand writing task to reproduce a legible agreement. The final insult was that carbon sheets had the ability to make white shirts carbon blue before 10 a.m..

In today’s on-the-go real estate world carbon forms have been replaced by electronic forms replete with “click of a button” signatures produced on a Surface Pro 3 that will automatically send each party a clear easy to read contract via email to their desktop or phone. Ironically, those completed documents are received by the respective clients in less time than it would have taken to slide the carbon sheets between the pieces of paper.

Going Mobile

It took a while to find a highly qualified programmer capable of adapting Yattermatters to meet today’s mobile technology. Doing it right is not easy or without cost.

Thus with a degree of fan fare I am pleased to announce that as of this post Yattermatters is now fully mobile. I hope that those readers who are exclusively mobile via their phones of pads will appreciate no longer having to squeeze and stretch their display screens and will instead, receive the latest Vancouver real estate information in a pleasing visual format.

So go ahead – turn on your smart phone and enjoy searching for your new home on the MLS Home Search or take a moment and read the latest news about Vancouver real estate. All I ask is that you don’t do it while driving.

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Reader Comments:

rogerthat Says:
July 5th, 2015 at 9:33 pm

Thanks Larry:-)

I suspect we’ll see another 10% plus added to our local home prices over the remainder of the year.

The whole world wants to move here!!!

Roger That.

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