10 Summers


I’ve been away for a few days. I unplugged from my city real estate life. I got off the grid leaving my notebook and cell phone in the drawer. I do this because some time ago I asked myself this question and maybe, you should too.

If you only had ten summers left what would you do with them?

Our Coast

Pilates Woodpecker

One of my favorite things to do is sail around our coast line. I know – you’ve heard it before but until you experience our coast line in full you can’t truly appreciate the natural wonder we have in our back yard. It is ever changing and endless. It is worth discovering during your summer.


I’m very lucky. My little sail boat YOLO has carried me wide and far. Doing so she has helped me to meet new wonderful people who have become friends and whom I look forward to meeting time and again. The stories and lives they share are full of wonder. It’s a privilege to be part of their lives.

My little boat has also given me the opportunity to visit places and see things I normally would not take the time to consider unless, I was thinking about my 10 Summers.

Woodpecker Surprise

Hand Built Canoe

I’m told that this bird is somewhat common in the Gulf Islands but until you see one up close you truly don’t appreciate its size and beauty. It is nice to know that you can have first time experiences in your summers. This was one of them – a Pilates Woodpecker. What a pleasure it was to see this bird up close.


If one of your summers includes BC History then a sure to stop at the Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre. There you will find BC coastal fishing and boat history in place. You will discover some of finest examples of hand built Canoes and fishing boat models on the coast. The dedication to detail by these craftsmen builders will astound you.

Old Boat

No More Summers

On our coast you also find dreams unfulfilled. In varying states of dispair old boats cling to a life that once was.

They have run out of summers.

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