About Copyright

There are disclaimers about copyright out there that were developed by great lawyers. Find the very best air tight disclaimers and apply them to this blog. But just in case, let’s be clear.

I like my friends to be comfortable and safe when they come to my BBQ’s. They know that the steak they put on the grill is the one they get to eat.

Hopefully, they take it home with them, if you know what I mean. 🙂

So think of this blog as just another Las Vegas with an air tight disclaimer. If it’s here it stays here because it belongs to somebody.

If you are lonesome, having a bad hair day, want to rage, shout or be nasty, just got fired and feel the need to copy somebody’s stuff go find another place, don’t do it here! “Is that clear?”

This is where YOU say — “Yes – CRYSTAL CLEAR!”

There, we both feel better now and I thank you.