About Yatter Matters

– a place where everyone knows something but noboby knows everything –

This web log is for the most part, about Real Estate in Vancouver, British Columbia. It will also look at some unique neighborhoods, the incredible multi-cultural communities, and some of the interesting people who make this city a great place in which to live.

I’m a Realtor®. As such, there will be many posts about real estate, the good, the bad, and sometimes, the just plain ugly. Some of the posts will be facts shared, some will be interpretations – you might call them opinion.

As a Realtor®, the daily interaction with people is a privileged experience of sharing life. With sharing comes different perspectives of the world. You may want to share an opinion. If so, feel comfortable in leaving a comment.

I like where I live and consider myself lucky to be here in this time and place. I often think of my neighborhood as a back yard BBQ with a bunch of good friends where conversations touch on all manner of topic about this place we consider home.

I try not take myself too seriously and I like to laugh. In my opinion the world would be a better place if we all laughed a bit more. So grab a coffee, contemplate, have some fun and join in. There’s always an extra burger and you might even find a cold beer.