Evolution – My Job

Evolution Changes Things

— Tech savvy consumers have evolved.

Buyers and sellers seek my services not because they need me to find them a home but rather because of my experience.


There has been a massive transition in the Real Estate industry. Realtors® are no longer just a home finder or a chauffeur.

Today’s consumers come to me for the knowledge gained from many years of experience. They want to be comfortable making the largest purchase of their lives knowing in advance that when I’m on their side they are doing business with someone they can trust to give them straight answers.

These people don’t need to be sold a home, they need help finding the right one and they want to buy it with confidence.

In that I am found, has nothing to do with my ability to search MLS® listings. 99% of real estate consumers control of their search. They know exactly what they’re looking for and where to find it – and so they should.

When they find the homes they like they let me know which ones they’d like to see. At the outset I make the arrangements and we go look at the houses.

In Charge

They are in charge. I am there as their counselor. I bring to the table advice when they ask for it.

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When a suitable home is found, it is then that they ask me for my opinion because in every home there are always issues that frighten buyers – especially first time home buyers.

Having recently negotiated an offer where the Buyer got what he wanted he called to say that he couldn’t have done that without me. It clearly reminded me that I cannot be replaced by a computer or a web site.

I Know Stuff

  • A web site cannot do what I do – I know stuff.
  • A web site cannot answer buyer’s questions or make note of a home’s details that may not be readily apparent to the uninitiated.
  • A web site does not find words sellers understand yet do not create a point of irritation with the Buyers.
  • A web site can’t present the offer or read between the lines and make recommendations on how to respond.

I’m not saying I’ll never be replaced by a computer, but that day is not today.

Value Added

As long as I offer added value and provide real service, I’ll have a job. Today consumers are deciding what type of services they want and that’s what I believe I offer.

Although the definition of a Realtors® job has changed. My focus is to provide expertise that a person, regardless of their level of education, or tech-savvy will not find on the internet.

We add value as experts in our field – not as home-finders or gatekeepers of information.