Things To Look For

The Dirt

Location is everything in real estate.

  • What size and shape is the lot?
  • Is it serviced with sewage, water, gas and electrical lines?
  • Is the property well drained and has landscaping been done to prevent erosion?


  • How many square feet of living space are there available?
  • How many rooms?

The Roof

  • Condition and age of the roof are there any leaks or recent repairs?
  • Are there proper roof gutters and adequate down spouts.

Do the Walls Curve?

  • Are the interior walls and ceilings solid – are there any evidence of leaks or cracks?
  • Are the floors firm and level – what are the condition of the floorboards or supports?
  • Is there evidence of termites or dry rot?

Floors, Doors and Lighting

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  • What type of floors are underneath the carpeting?
  • Are stairs and door frames level and well joined?
  • Is the natural lighting to your liking – does it face north, south, east or west?


  • Are the room sizes adequate for your family’s needs?
  • Is the layout compatible with your habits?
  • Can the wall space be utilized to suit your needs?
  • Check the locations of doors and windows.


  • Is the kitchen suitable?
  • Are there enough outlets and spaces for appliances?
  • Are storage areas and closet spaces adequate?

  • What is the condition of the plumbing system
  • Is it noisy?
  • Have there been recent repairs?


  • What about satisfactory ventilating equipment – are there exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms?
  • What type of heating system is it – forced air, hot water, what kind of fuel, is there a heat pump?


  • Is there sufficient electrical service?
  • Is there enough power for your electrical equipment?
  • Are there adequate outlets in the house?
  • What is the fuse arrangement?

What is the condition of the basement and foundation?

  • You should check the walls and floors.
  • Is the floor dry?
  • Are there hookups for a washer and a dryer?

Attic and the crawl space

  • Is there evidence of leaks?
  • Dry rot?
  • Is there proper ventilation and insulation?
  • Does the insulation meet current specifications?
  • Are there severe cracks in, or excessive or uneven settlement, of the foundation?

Garage and Driveway

  • How large is the garage?
  • Is the driveway adequate?
  • Is there cracking or lifting and is drainage satisfactory?

Windows and Doors

  • What is the condition of the caulking on windows and doors?
  • What kind of storm windows are there and what condition are they in?
  • Do windows and doors open and close easily?

Does the Home Feel Good

  • Each house is unique.
  • Keep some notes or take pictures to enable you to remember the details later!