Dunbar Homes

The Dunbar community revolves around Dunbar St where you will find the majority of retail shops and businesses. Dunbar Street has the only public transit route directly linking this area to the city centre. Basically, Dunbar St. is the only bit of urban life in the area and seems a bit misplaced amongst the tree lined streets and parks. The Dunbar Community centre is a beautiful and fully equipped recreational facility that is centrally located and easily accessible for the entire region. On Dunbar St. are a few apartment buildings and condominiums. Single family houses dominate the Dunbar neigborhood.

Courtesy Vancouver

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Kerrisdale Homes

Kerrisdale is one of 23 neighbourhoods in Vancouver. Known as the “village” it has many diverse shops and services which are concentrated on West 41st Avenue. Older, gracious homes, plus newer additions fill the neighbourhood and include both high and low-rise apartment buildings. Architecturally, the neighbourhood boasts many styles with more than 50 structures listed in the Vancouver Heritage inventory.

*Courtesy Kerrisdale Village Association

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Douglas Park

History Originally part of the Point Grey Municipality before the city was amalgamated in 1929, this park was first established in 1926 through a money bylaw. The name was decided upon through a community competition and is in commemoration of Sir James Douglas, first Governor of the Colony of British Columbia. Before being designated a park, this area was a logging camp in the 1870s and was later a grazing site for elk. In 1882 the acreage became the site for the first market garden south of False Creek. Courtesy Vancouver Parks Board

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Killarney Homes

The first settlers arrived at what if now called Killarney in the late 1800s. It was an area of second growth forest and farms until after WWII. Killarney developed long after most Vancouver neighbourhoods, so the number of heritage buildings within its boundaries are few. Scattered throughout the neighbourhood are examples of early farm houses, early residential development from the 1920’s and some excellent examples of modern (1960’s) residential developments.

Courtesy City of Vancouver

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Kits Point Homes

Kits Point is considered one of the finest neighbourhoods in Vancouver. It’s proximity to the Kits Beach, Granville Island and downtown make it one of Vancouver’s prime residential areas.

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Kitsilano Homes

Kitsilano is a vibrant, dynamic neighbourhood. Housing encompasses award winning designs for condominiums and houses. “Kits” features a great number of character homes with a few originals dating back to the 1890’s. The neighbourhood maintains an eclectic selection of restaurants and shops. It’s most outstanding natural features is the accessibility to fabulous beaches.

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Mackenzie Heights Homes

An attractive neighborhood offering quiet tree lined streets, and unfettered views of the north shore and downtown cityscape. Balaclava Park, located in the center of Mackenzie Heights, was commissioned as a practice field for the 1954 British Empire Games.

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Peterborough, Ontario

These pictures are of eastern Canada classic homes. They are here to show the difference in home styles. Taken in Peterborough, Ontario, a city on the Otonabee River which is part of the Trent-Severn Waterway. First settled circa 1820 by County Cork Irish it was named Peterborough in 1827, and was incorporated in 1905. The city developed into a lumbering and milling town.
Peterborough is known as the gateway to the “cottage country” of the Kawarthas, a large recreational region of the province.

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Point Grey

Point Grey is one of Vancouver’s oldest and most beautiful neighbourhoods. Point Grey Village is the commercial heart and soul of the West Point Grey community. The neighborhood stretches from Discovery to Tolmie along West 10th Avenue and from the waters of Spanish Banks to 16th Ave and Pacific Spirit park.

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