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Live Statistics – Vancouver West Neighbourhoods

Vancouver West Neighbourhoods Inter-Active Monthly Market state graphs are available for all the west side neighbourhoods. Real Estate market areas are unique. Their amenities, proximity to key services and character are elements that shape demand. The nature of each market element plays an important role in asking and sale prices, time on market often varies… Continue Reading

Selling Thoughts

How Do I Find The Right Realtor? More than ever, selling real estate is a complex transaction. In today’s market, you need a proven professional, someone who is well informed and confident. When looking for a Realto® to work with you should consider the Brokerage firm’s experience and reputation as well as the individual sales… Continue Reading

Tools for the Job

Perhaps more than 90% of today’s home buyers search online for their new home. Is your property there to greet them? Things that Matter My approach to selling your home is based on listening to your needs and working together for a common goal. Whether you are selling your 1st home or 10th we think… Continue Reading

Selling? Be Prepared

Fact: Paint and Carpet Make a Difference Repainting your home is the best improvement to generate a return on your money! Paint makes the whole property smell clean and neat. A home with paint chips, exposed wood or that faded look says it is time to paint. A worn, dirty, or outdated carpet of unusual… Continue Reading

Ten Reasons To Move

Family Size Makes a Difference Young couples start out with a cozy two or three bedroom home that at first suits their situation perfectly. Encompassed in that home might be a master bedroom, a guest bedroom, and a home office. Combined with a single living area with the prerequisite entertainment center and the couple has… Continue Reading

Are You Ready

Documentation Be ready! Title You may have owned your home for a long time. Do you know where your title (deed) is? Did you receive a mortgage discharge from your bank? If not, you will have a problem as it may take months to retrieve that document from the bank. Make sure you have it… Continue Reading

25 Tips To Get Your Home Sold Fast and For Top Dollar – With or Without Me

1. Understand Why You Are Selling Your Home Your motivation to sell is the determining factor as to how you will approach the process. It affects everything from what you set your asking price at to how much time, money and effort you’re willing to invest in order to prepare your home for sale. For… Continue Reading

Inspect Before You Sell

Pre-Listing Home Inspection Pre-Listing home inspections are becoming more and more popular. There are many Benefits to a pre-listing home inspection – here are some: Benefits: Provides peace of mind for you the seller,and the prospective purchasers. Stands as a selling feature showing strength in good faith. Eliminates unwanted surprises when it is time to… Continue Reading


Abbreviations Mean a Lot This glossary of abbreviations will prove to be a handy reference. Tip: Always ask for an explanation. If you have questions at any time, ask me. I know stuff and will be happy to explain the terminology. After all that’s what I’m here for right? If you are shy and want… Continue Reading

Moving Ideas

Moving Calendar Moving is not a task we do every day – but there are steps you can take to reduce the stress. What’s the best way to prepare for a move? Four weeks before moving Decide what you want to take, what you want to throw out, and what you want to donate to… Continue Reading

DOs and DON’Ts

Do’s and Don’t’s of Selling Your Home —People usually decide within minutes whether or not they like your home. These tips will help you stage your home in a fashion to elicit the highest price in the quickest time frame. Remember to view your property as a buyer might see it when you are preparing… Continue Reading

Thinking of Selling?

Selling a property in this digital era, requires the use of advanced technology. The fact that you are reading this page shows how true this is. Authorities claim that 90% of all buyers start their search on-line.

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