Inspect Before You Sell

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Pre-Listing home inspections are becoming more and more popular. There are many Benefits to a pre-listing home inspection – here are some:


  • Provides peace of mind for you the seller,and the prospective purchasers.
  • Stands as a selling feature showing strength in good faith.
  • Eliminates unwanted surprises when it is time to close the sale.
  • It’s a heads up allowing you time to address issues with the home before the sale giving you:
  • Time to make required repairs and
  • You have comfort in know that you have disclosed problems before the become a barrier to the sale
  • Gives you an advantage above competing properties who tempt fate without a pre-listing inspection.
  • Saves time and allows the home to sell more quickly.
  • Home may sell for more money as it removes negative influence of the buyer guessing.
  • Eliminates re-negotiations due to issues within the inspector’s report.
  • Removes the loss of buyers who didn’t have time for a home inspection.
  • May minimize the parade of inspectors through the home before multiple offers.

How does a pre-listing home inspection work?

  • At your cost a licensed building inspector conducts a complete inspection and prepares a detailed report prior to listing.
  • Your copy remains on display for prospective buyers to consider during showings and or open houses a full scanned version may be made available for serious buyers.
  • A summary report may be provided to buyers as part of the home handout flyer.
  • Your report will have a place for receipts or acknowledgment for work completed to correct the home’s noted issues.
  • When you hand over the keys to the new buyer the report and related documentation will be left as a record.
  • The purchaser may also choose to engage their own inspector – that remains their choice or, they may wish to retain at their cost, your inspector to do a walk through to discuss the findings with the purchaser.