Selling? Be Prepared

Fact: Paint and Carpet Make a Difference

Repainting your home is the best improvement to generate a return on your money!

Paint makes the whole property smell clean and neat. A home with paint chips, exposed wood or that faded look says it is time to paint.

A worn, dirty, or outdated carpet of unusual color needs replacement. In general, this defect means a home will take longer to sell. Buyers will look upon this as a sign that there are likely more issues with your home than just the carpet.

Spend the money and replace it.

The buyers won’t – they simply buy elsewhere!

An Invitation


Consider prospective buyers as your guests. With that in mind prepare your home’s interior accordingly. Below are some quick tips to keep in mind.

  • fresh paint
  • clean up clutter
  • clean kitchen
  • make bathrooms sparkle
  • clear out closets
  • clean the fireplace
  • roll out the welcome mat
  • use special accents that give your home that comfortable ‘sit down and stay a while’ feeling

Clean Facts:

Dirt and Smell:


The smallest amount of dirt or smell will destroy a buyer’s interest in your home. An unkempt home means thousands of dollars out of your pocket.

Quick tips –

  • freshen your kitchen by sending a lemon through your blender or garburator
  • sweeten your fridge with a box of baking soda
  • add some fresh flowers to the living room
  • spray the bathrooms with lavender scent

Got pets?

Odors must be eliminated, especially if you have animals, or smoke. We get used to our pets and may not notice that they smell – buy buyers do!

Clean, clean and clean again.

Doing so removes the buyer’s perception that they will have lots of work to do before they move in.

Translated, that means more money for you!

De clutter!


Now that you’ve got your home squeaky clean, think about adding a few thousand more to your pocket and get rid of that old junk now. You might get some spare change from the garage sale but more importantly de-cluttering will make your home appear larger?

Bigger home – bigger bucks!

No Offense:

One of the most difficult parts of my job as a Realtor is having clients acknowledge the truth. It’s hard to tell someone that their home smells. When you hire me please don’t be offended if and when I ask you to confront these issues. After all, you are hiring me to get you the most money. Preparing your home for sale means that I might have to tell you something you won’t like hearing.

Tidy, clean and spacious is always a winning combination when selling your home.