Selling Thoughts

How Do I Find The Right Realtor?

More than ever, selling real estate is a complex transaction. In today’s market, you need a proven professional, someone who is well informed and confident. When looking for a Realto® to work with you should consider the Brokerage firm’s experience and reputation as well as the individual sales associate’s experience and personal style. Having more than twenty-five years of service I have helped many Vancouver families buy and sell their homes.

Senority in this busines is a testament that many have come to trust me with with their most valuable asset. How will you know if I’m the person you want to hire? It starts with a cup of coffee.

Is There a Perfect Time to Sell?

There many factors to consider when deciding to sell. Things such as market variables, personal and financial goals, and strategic drivers for divesting or investing in the market. If you are not sure, talk to me about obtaining an evaluation consultation that is specific to your situation.

How Is Asking Price Determined?

My assistance will help you to research comparable properties. With that information together we will determine the potential market value for your property. With this knowledge and my guidance you will feel confident in knowing that the asking price you set is realistic for the market.

Waiting Out The Market…What Should I do?

No one has a crystal ball! Markets continually fluctuate but, there are many factors that will help you determine whether it’s the right time to sell. My expertise will assist you in evaluating all the factors as well as interpreting overall market conditions in your Vancouver neighbourhood including such things as comparable properties, current interest rates and economic influences both local and international.

My First Offer! Should I Accept It?

Congratulations on receiving your first offer! The first offer is often a nerve wracking proposition. Invariably, you will wonder if it will be your best offer. My experience will help you evaluate any offer and I will trustingly advise you on the pros and cons of accepting that first offer or assist you in making the decision to counter offer.

What About Taxes

If you are selling your Vancouver principle residence, you are not required to pay taxes on any profit. However, if you are selling your investment home or vacation property, any investment gains will be subject to additional taxes known as capital gains tax. Prior to accepting any offer on this type of property you will be advised to seek council with your accountant and lawyer to determine how to mitigate your tax position.

I’ve Accepted The Offer – Now What?

Most sales are conditional to specific terms, those conditions must be fulfilled or waived by the buyer within a specified period of time to which both you and that buyer have agreed. The length of time in which this must be done may be anywhere from one week to 15 days. This period will be speicifed in the contract of purchase and sale. If the agreement is unconditional, all that needs to be resolved is the day you wish to provide possession and the day the sale will complete.

As A First Time Seller, What Should I Expect?

You will find the first time exciting but not to worry, I will be your guide through the process. If you are living in the home, you will be notified each time there is a viewing, and by mutual agreement when an open house will be scheduled. It can be a stressful time as you will want to keep the home in top showing condition. This means you will want to clean and de-clutter your home prior to any showings. When I am advised of an offer I will immediately notify you and at that time will revisit the offer presentation process discussed earlier. Again, I am there to guide you step by step through the process.

When You Do A Market Evaluation, Will You Just Tell Me The price Or Will You Recommend Upgrades?

During a market evaluation, I will provide you with an estimated price for your home based on current market conditions. I will advise you on general selling features and how you may be able to best promote your home. If have more questions in this regard feel free to ask and I will provide you with as much information as possible. Note that the cost to you of employing a professional home stager who will prepare your home to its maximum selling potential, is often a best practice when selling.

Now That My Home Is For Sale. Do I Start Looking For A Home Right Away?

It all depends. If the market is slowing down, you might want to wait until your property has sold before you start scouting for a new home. You will never be on the street. If you do find a new place while your home is still for sale, you can write a condition in the offer that the purchase is subject to the sale of your home. Conversely, in a booming market you may wish to start looking for a new home before you sell your existing property as the average time listings stay on the marketing is shorter and you will want to be prepared if you sell your home quickly. Finally, if you have an offer but haven’t yet found a home you can enter a condition that says you will only sell when you find the right home. All of these conditions are of course, time sensitive. Regardless, I will be there to share knowledge and guide you during that decision process.